Zoom Use and Reminders

To download Zoom, visit: https://zoom.us/download

Prior to the first day of class, you’ll receive an email from OLLI containing a Zoom link. On the first day of class, click the link. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you may be prompted to enter a password; if so, enter the password included in the email. Next, you will be let into a “waiting room” until the host of the meeting admits you. Then, simply sit back and enjoy the class! Once the class wraps up, you’ll click the red “Leave” button to exit the application. Reminder: If you’d like to test out Zoom prior to the first day of class, then attend one of our orientation sessions or email us (osher@uconn.edu) to set up a one-on-one session.

Here are some useful tips to help ensure your class meetings go smoothly for all involved:

  • Getting ready: Remember to give yourself 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to get yourself situated, making sure that your video and audio work, and that your Zoom application is fully functioning and up-to-date.
  • Task bar: Most of the functions you will need are located on your task bar. For most, the task bar is located across the bottom or top of your Zoom screen and looks something like this:
    • Can’t see the Task bar? Toggle it on with the Alt key for Windows and Chrome, or Ctrl+/ for Mac. This tip doesn’t work for iPads.
  • Audio: Click the microphone icon to mute/unmute yourself. It is a “rule of thumb” to keep your audio muted while someone else is talking. If you don’t, any background noise will be picked up by the rest of the class, and can be extremely distracting. If you don’t mute yourself, and this occurs, expect to be muted by the moderator!
    • Video: Click the video camera icon to start/stop your video. Have your video on unless you are experiencing connection issues.
    • Have a plain background and avoid backlight from bright windows.
    • Adjust your camera to be at around eye level if possible – especially take note of the angle of your laptop screen if using the built-in camera.
    • If you have a question or a comment:
      • Raise Hand feature: On your task bar, click “Participants.” A list of participants should appear on your screen. Below the list of participants, find the “Raise Hand” button. The host will see a blue hand icon appear next to your name and call on you. Once your question is answered, click “Lower Hand” (located in the same spot as “Raise Hand”)
      • Chat feature: If you have a question or a comment but do not wish to share via your microphone, find “Chat” on your task bar. This will open up a chat box. Type a message and hit your “enter” key to send it.
        • To Everyone: If you have this option selected, the message will be sent to the entire participants’ list.
        • To individual class members: If you’d like to send a private message to someone in the meeting, be sure to click their name to send a message privately.

    Having difficulties? Go here for the Zoom Help Center: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us