Virtual Teaching Materials

While virtual teaching means that instructors won’t be able to directly provide students with physical copies of class materials, there are some materials that can still be used to complement the course.



Instructors may create presentations to share with students during the scheduled class time. Through the use of the “Share Screen” function on Zoom, instructors can share their presentation with their students in real-time.



Instructors may also feel free to create handouts and email them to students ahead of time so that they can print them out in time for class. The “Screen Share” function on Zoom can also be used to present and work through any documents.


In addition to screen sharing and emailing students, there is another option for sharing course materials that is available through the OLLI website. The “Course Materials” webpage allows instructors to post materials for each of their courses. Students can only access course materials for the class(es) that they are registered in since the folders are password protected.