Become An Instructor

We are always looking for inspiring individuals to teach at OLLI at UConn. Interested in becoming an instructor?

Teach a Course

OLLI courses are instructor-led, rather than lecture-driven, with the opportunity for lively discussion and contribution from all learners.

Picture1OLLI courses are generally led by retired or semi-retired educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and others. Non-retired educators and working professionals may lead some programs or serve as guest speakers at events. UConn faculty members are already fully committed to teaching and research assignments, but on occasion may lead courses or provide consulting to OLLI for programs or events.  Experience with teaching and group facilitation is not required but is preferred.  Information and coaching can be provided to first-time presenters (course leaders). OLLI instructors will receive other privileges for their participation as well.

Sample topics covered may include art appreciation, current events, computers, alternative health, literature and writing, performance arts, music appreciation, just to name a few.  We encourage creativity in course content and course titles.

*OLLI courses are non-degree courses; no credits or grades are assigned upon the completion of these courses.

Present an OLLI Café Lecture

P1090231OLLI Café is a venue for the exchange of ideas and experiences focusing on improving the quality of life. The goal of OLLI Café is to present a potpourri of presentations and activities that provide information and new knowledge to OLLI members.

If interested in presenting an OLLI Café lecture, please fill out the OLLI Café proposal form, accessible by clicking HERE, and send it to the OLLI Cafe Submission Committee. Submission instructions are included in the form.