Zoom Set-Up

Since a Zoom class is virtual, instructors and students don’t have to worry about getting to a certain location on time and hoping that the room is available for use in time for the start of their class. Instead, instructors work with their course TA so make sure that the meeting is set up on Zoom and ready to go for when the virtual class starts.


The primary steps that are involved in setting up a Zoom class is as follows:

  1. About a week before a class is slated to start, the course TA will create a Zoom meeting for each day that the course is supposed to meet.
  2. This Zoom invitation will then be sent via email to both the instructor and the students.
  3. On the day that the course is scheduled to meet, the course TA will log on about 15 minutes early and wait for the professor to join the waiting room.
  4. Once the instructor enters the waiting room, the TA will admit them (but not any students that enter the waiting room before the class starts).
  5. The instructor will discuss with the TA any expectations for the current virtual session and prepare for the class to start.
  6. On the instructor’s “okay,” the TA will let the students that have entered the waiting room in.
  7. At the end of the class students will leave the virtual session.
  8. If the instructor would like, they can stay in the meeting after all of the students have left to debrief with the course TA and plan for the next session.