In-Person Teaching Materials

Knowing what materials you may need, where they are located, and how to successfully use them is of vital importance in creating an optimal learning environment. Advance preparation is essential. You should be acquainted with everything you will be using in class well before the first day. The following is a brief overview of commonly used materials and how you can use them:


Notes/Script: It is important that you familiarize yourself with the script you will follow during class time as well as any notes that will be distributed. This will help to maintain a timeline as well as hold the attention of the class and maintain creative exchange. Familiarity with your own material may seem to be an obvious task, but it never hurts to take a second look and anticipate what questions members may ask.


OLLI at UConn’s policy on photocopy production for presenters: ONLY OLLI staff members are permitted to use the University’s photocopy resources. All requests for copied material must be made through the OLLI office. Due to our high volume of classes, requests for the photocopying of notes and class materials must be received at least two weeks prior to the class date to ensure that the request will be completed on time. Only black and white photocopies can be provided.


Teaching aids: If you plan to include any aids such as maps, diagrams, or other objects, please be aware of the setup time as well as any special considerations required during class time. Such aids should be readied prior to the start of class in order to maintain an effective timeline and reduce any unnecessary pauses. If you require any special assistance with the setup or use of teaching aids, please contact the OLLI staff for support.


Preparation and prior knowledge of your materials are a prime concern in the classroom. Training and support are available to you throughout the semester, but the OLLI program strongly recommends that you utilize this help before the first class.