Course Materials

Fall 2023 Course Materials:

AH-415 Broadway Musicals: A Fascinating History – Emanuel Abramovits

AH-416 The Art and History of Illustration – MaryClaire Morin

CE-027 Where in the World is the U.S.? A Top 10 Summary! – Douglas Stowell

CL-405 Active French—Food Glorious Food – Gloria Finkelstein

HS-428 Islam and Christianity – John Harmon

HS-459 World History for Travelers: The History of Antisemitism… – Diane Stone

HS-536 European History for Travelers: Great Stories in European History – Diane Stone

HW-481 Swing Into Health, Balance & Fitness with FFXP – Naida Rodriguez-Rosado   

LW-404 The Changing Face of Fiction – Valerie Taylor

MS-410 Introductory Oceanography – Kenneth Hinga

MS-412 Future Perfect! Technology Trends by 2030! – Douglas Stowell

MU-420 Rhythm and Jews – Stories of Jazz, etc. – Emanuel Abramovits

PA-416 Those Funny TV Moments – Abe Vorensky

PR-420 Biblical Barfight – Michael Carroll

VA-475 Photography for the Digital Age – Tim Padgett