Cancellations and Emergencies


Weather-Related Cancellations:

When UConn Waterbury Cancels or Delays – OLLI Classes Are Cancelled For the Entire Day!

Winter comes with the potential for bad weather. Information about weather-related closings for the UConn campus can be obtained from several sources:

UConn Waterbury Web Site and Telephone

If the campus has a late opening or cancels, then a notice about any weather-related class cancellation will be placed on the UConn Waterbury website, Also, a message regarding any weather-related class cancellations will be recorded on the main campus telephone line, 203-236-9800.

Local TV & Radio Stations

Participating local stations make announcements about all UConn Waterbury weather closings. Be aware, however, that local stations sometimes announce closings of other locations that may not directly affect our campus. Please be sure the closing they announce is for UConn Waterbury. Television and radio stations are also very limited with the message they can convey. Their systems are set up for generic closing options and are geared toward elementary and secondary schools. Therefore, it is recommended that, if possible, you rely on our other means of communication for information regarding campus delays and closings.

Even if there is only a delayed campus opening all OLLI classes are completely cancelled that day.  

Presenter Cancellations:

In the case that an OLLI course presenter has to cancel class, due to illness, scheduling conflicts, or any other issues of a personal nature, all attempts will be made by the instructor and/or OLLI Staff to contact course members, via email and/or telephone before heading to campus that day.

We ask that course presenters please notify OLLI staff of class cancellations as soon as possible, as to provide staff members with ample time to notify class rosters. OLLI Staff can be reached via telephone at 203-236-9924 or via email at



In Case of Emergency:
From a non-university/cell phone: 911 or 860-486-4801
From a campus phone: 8-911


The UConn Police Department Waterbury Substation is located on the ground floor of the UConn Campus Building. Police Officers are responsible for public safety in the main building as well as the attached parking facility. In addition to normal police patrols there are emergency phones and remote cameras throughout the facility which assist police in providing a safe atmosphere within which students, staff, faculty and visitors may pursue their educational goals.


Office Location:
Ground floor next to information desk

Office Hours:
7:00 am – 10:00 pm

 Emergency Blue Phones

Emergency blue phones are located throughout campus and in the parking garage. In case of an emergency: simply press the button, describe your problem to the dispatcher, a police office will be dispatched to assist you.