OLLI @ UConn Covid-19 Q&A

OLLI @ UConn Covid-19 Q&A

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***Fall 2021 update***

Will OLLI be returning to campus in fall 2021?

OLLI at UConn will not be returning to campus in fall 2021.

All classes will be 100% online until further notice.

OLLI-age members have all been vaccinated. Why can’t we return to campus?

With vaccines becoming more widely available, the prospect of returning to campus is an exciting one. However, Covid-19 restrictions in place by the University means that classroom availability is severely limited due to social distancing. In short, there simply won’t be room on campus for OLLI to hold classes in the fall semester.

Is there anything we can do in-person this year?

The Leadership Council is working on creating some off-campus get-togethers for our members. If you have ideas, please contact a Leadership Council member!

When will OLLI return to campus for in-person learning?

The OLLI Team hopes to have classes back on campus in Spring 2022 (with some classes in-person and some online). The option of taking classes via Zoom, in addition to in-person classes, will be still available even when we return most classes to the campus.

Why was this decision made so early in the year?

OLLI starts planning for the fall semester as early as April, when our instructors start sending in course proposals. OLLI staff need to finalize the course schedule by June/July, in order to publicize it and to be ready for registration in early August. Therefore, we had to make a decision now.

Could this plan change?

It’s possible, but unlikely. Even if all UConn’s Covid-related restrictions were relaxed, this would probably happen very close to the start of the fall semester. There wouldn’t be time to figure out how many classrooms OLLI could use, and then decided which instructors could be on campus. Also, we all know how demoralizing it is to hope for in-person activities, and then have restrictions put back in place.

I missed the Zoom orientations last year and now I want to take classes online. How can I catch up?

We’ve got you covered! The OLLI Tech Team is here to help. Please contact Chuck Lasky (cjl621@gmail.com) to set up a one-on-one meeting about the ins and outs of Zoom. Check out our OLLI Zoom Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Zoom.

Online classes aren’t for me, but I want to continue to support OLLI. How can I do this?

Thank you for your generosity! If you’d like to continue supporting OLLI, you can renew your membership and/or donate to our organization online. You may also renew your membership by mail by sending in a check for $65 to 99 East Main St. Waterbury CT 06702.

I don’t want to take Zoom classes. Why should I renew my membership?

To survive, OLLI needs members, old and new, to remain active. If you haven’t already, please renew your annual membership, even if you’re not taking classes this semester. OLLI depends on membership and member financial support to qualify for critical grants, to continue our outreach to instructors and guest presenters, to ensure technological enhancements and to coordinate special activities.

How can I stay connected to OLLI while we are virtual?

• “Like” us on Facebook to participate in interactive posts and “Virtual OLLI Cafe.” (https://www.facebook.com/olliatuconnwaterbury/)
• Email osher@uconn.edu with your own tips on how to stay busy during this time, photos, interesting stories or news articles, original work (paintings, drawings, writings) to be featured in our weekly e-blast.

I understand the decision, but I’m still really frustrated. What can I do?

Talk about it! Contact us, share ideas about how to stay engaged, talk with your OLLI friends (and hopefully meet with them when it’s safe), and remember there are many ways to stay involved with OLLI while we work to get back together in person.


***General information***

Will OLLI at UConn be offering online classes?

OLLI at UConn classes will be 100% online until further notice.

I’m an instructor. How do I teach online?

OLLI is using Zoom for all our online courses. Please contact OLLI for an orientation session and to discuss online teaching tools. OLLI will host and coordinate all online classes – you do not need to pay for a Zoom subscription or worry about setting up classes / meetings!

Some of my OLLI friends are meeting in-person. What’s OLLI’s position on members meeting to discuss, or participate in, OLLI-related activities?

OLLI is following State of CT guidelines regarding meetings, and encourages people to continue to meet only on-line during these challenging times. However, we do recognize that certain activities, such as the OLLI Garden, may continue if they follow State of CT guidelines on social distancing and safety.

What can I do to help?

  • Stay connected to your peers! Call each other to check in, keep in touch online, and offer each other support during this trying time. Tell us how you’re coping!
  • If you’re comfortable with using Zoom, become a Zoom Buddy! Help out a friend and get them started with Zoom or email osher@uconn.edu and let us know you’re willing to help someone.
  • Become a Zoom classroom assistant. All our Zoom classes will have an assistant on hand to support the instructor and students, and ensure things run smoothly. If you’d like to be an assistant, please email osher@uconn.edu

What’s the best way for me to contact OLLI?

Email osher@uconn.edu or call 475-222-6261 or 475-222-6232. OLLI staff are all working remotely and will answer your email or call as quickly as possible.

Last updated 03-22-2021