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Honorarium Form

One of the perks in appreciation for presenters’ dedication to leading an OLLI course is an honorarium (also called a stipend). The current formula for calculating an OLLI honorarium is as follows:

 $25 per 90-minute class meeting (examples: 5 class meetings = $125, 8 class meetings = $200, 10 class meetings = $250)

 $22.50 per 75-minute class meeting

 $20 per 60-minute class meeting

Honoraria for class meetings longer than 90 minutes will be formulated using the 90 minutes rate.

Honoraria are processed on or soon after the last day of your class. Acceptance is optional. Some presenters generously waive their honoraria as a way to further support low-cost lifelong learning for our members. We thank you!

The University of Connecticut process for generating honoraria is:

 Completion of the form below. You should complete the form before the last day of your course, to ensure

prompt processing.

 For first time recipients only: A Vendor Application and W-9 form which should be completed online at

If you are offering more than one course, please complete one form per course.


Honorarium Form