Honorarium Form

One of the perks for teaching an OLLI course is an honorarium (also called a stipend). If you teach more than one course in a semester, please submit separate honorarium forms for each class.

Policy changes in 2018 mandated that OLLI instructors must be dues-paying members. We increased the per-hour honorarium amount to offset the $65 membership cost which instructors had to pay manually. However, due to feedback from instructors, we are simplifying the structure. Instructors’ membership dues are now accounted for within the restructured rate to reflect this change. (see below). ***This means you no longer have to pay the membership fee out of the honorarium you receive ***

OLLI honorarium rates are now based on $20 per hour and multiples thereof:

  • Example 1: 5 class meetings of 90 minutes = $150
  • Example 2: 10 class meetings of 90 minutes = $300
  • Example 3: 5 class meetings of 60 minutes = $100
  • Example 4: 10 class meetings of 60 minutes = $200

The above rates are what you will receive. The membership fee will NOT be deducted from that amount.

The University of Connecticut process for generating honoraria is:

  • Completion of the form below. You should complete the form before the last day of your course, to ensure prompt processing.
  • For first time recipients only: A vendor account and W-9 form should be completed online. How this works: When you submit your honorarium form, the OLLI Staff will proceed to set you up as a vendor with UConn. You will then receive an invitation directly from Jaggaer/HuskyBuy. You’ll be prompted to make an account and fill in your information. Once your information is verified, we can process your honorarium.

Honoraria are processed on or soon after the last day of your class. Acceptance is optional. Some presenters generously waive their honoraria as a way to further support low-cost lifelong learning for our members. We thank you!

Honorarium Form

  • Use the formula above for calculating the amount you should be paid.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.