Meet The OLLI Team

We’re delighted to welcome you to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UConn Waterbury. We are proud to offer a community that invigorates the lives of lifelong learners from across Connecticut.

OLLI at UConn is about friendship, learning and giving. Classes and activities are held year-round. Whether it’s a local or overnight trip, a get-together for book discussions or favorite films, a committee meeting or a gathering to register for courses, our members are active in and out of class every day of the week.

Your enthusiasm for learning and social engagement brings a new energy to UConn Waterbury. Every year, OLLI becomes more closely integrated with the activities of the campus’ professors and students. Between us, we are developing pioneering inter-generational connections through classes and activities. In this way and many others, OLLI has sparked countless new friendships, new ways of thinking, and for many, a new outlook on life!



  • Fiona de Merell, OLLI Director
    • (203)236-9881;
  • Jenna Ryan, OLLI CoordinatorMain contact for presenter correspondence
    • (203)236-9808;
  • Alondra Lopez, Associate
    • (203)236-9924/5;
  • Laura Rendon, Associate& I.T. Assistant: Main contact for IT assistance
    • (203)236-9924/5;
  • Lilly Klenja, Associate
    • (203)236-9924/5;
  • John Sarandrea, Associate & I.T. Assistant
    • (203)236-9924/5;